The Norwich Print Fair is an annual exhibition which takes place for two weeks every September at St Margaret’s Church, Norwich. The aim of the Fair is to showcase high quality original prints. Selection is by The Norwich Print Fair Committee and takes place in early February each year. Those printmakers interested in exhibiting will need to fill in our online submission form by January 31st.

Norwich Print Fair Application Guidelines.

  • Any printmaker who produces hand-made prints and live in East Anglia is welcome to apply.
  • The Norwich Print Fair does not accept work that is printed via digital or fully automated means, i.e. any print that is not “hand pressed/pulled/screenprinted”.
  • The fee is approximately £100 for a space measuring between 7 and 8 foot wide. Payment in full is required along with your acceptance of any offer to secure a place. There are some smaller spaces (for an adjusted fee) for smaller work, so the Committee needs to know the printing process and sizes to which you work.
  • There is no commission on work sold, although a small fee for processing credit card payments may be taken.
  • You must hang and take down your own work. This requires you to bring you own equipment for hanging which can either be with screws or nails. These must be removed at the end of the show and the holes filled, sanded and painted and left in good condition. You must also prepare your own labelling for you work. The Fair is hung on the Sunday before the exhibition and all work must be taken away at the end of the final Saturday.
  • It is a condition of acceptance that you agree to take part in the weekday invigilation of the Fair (generally amounting to three half day sessions) and attend in full the two Open Portfolio Saturdays.
  • It is also a condition of acceptance that you supply two copies of a mini print towards The Norwich Print Fair annual raffle (based on the specification provided).
  • Exhibiting printmakers get the opportunity to feature on The Norwich Print Fair’s website for no additional fee.

The Norwich Print Fair Committee meet in early February to consider all applications received. A letter of invitation or rejection will be sent out by the first week of March. Please note, we always have many more applicants than places available, so difficult decisions have to be made.