Thanks to all those who entered our Mini-print Raffle 2021.
The results of the raffle draw are here!

Print 1 Diana Ashdown Ticket 975 Won by Fiona Bateman
Print 2 Rob Barnes Ticket 444 Won by Sarah Highley
Print 3 Sarah Bays Ticket 806 Won by Stephanie Potts
Print 4 Louise Bird Ticket 982 Won by Claire Hobart
Print 5 Neil Bousfield Ticket 31 Won by Joanna Chapman
Print 6 Beverley Coraldean Ticket 81 Won by Jane McLarty
Print 7 Anthony Dunigan Ticket 573 Won by Heather Hasthorpe
Print 8 Sally Hirst Ticket 898 Won by Lisa McLewin
Print 9 Richard Horne Ticket 207 Won by Pauline Ferrick-squibb
Print 10 Zoe Howard Ticket 438 Won by Sarah Highley
Print 11 HJ Jackson Ticket 305 Won by Beth Cleveland
Print 12 Colin Johnson Ticket 288 Won by Mary Turner-Jeong
Print 13 Vicki Johnson Ticket 174 Won by Ann Petherick
Print 14 David Jones Ticket 896 Won by Lisa McLewin
Print 15 Jane Kemp Ticket 250 Won by Jenny Fletcher
Print 16 Vanessa Lubach Ticket 220 Won by Claire Nodder
Print 17 Paul McNeill Ticket 418 Won by Simone Doherty
Print 18 Jayne McConnell Ticket 23 Won by Amber Moll
Print 19 Helen Maxfield Ticket 630 Won by Holly Coles
Print 20 Martin Mitchell Ticket 592 Won by Pen Jones
Print 21 Elaine Nason Ticket 230 Won by Catherine Edgington
Print 22 Maria Pavledis Ticket 875 Won by Anne Rampton
Print 23 Liz Taunt Ticket 766 Won by Janet Cleveland
Print 24 Laura White Ticket 615 Won by David Gilbert
Print 25 Paula White Ticket 158 Won by Catherine Reeve



The Norwich Print Fair 2021 – Postponed

Due to unforeseen issues, we have taken the decision to postpone the 25th Norwich Print Fair for this year.

We received news that there will be considerable repair work taking place at St Margaret’s Church throughout the year, which would result in downsizing the show and exhibiting in unpredictable conditions. This situation would also mean that we could not hold a private view or our demonstration days. As such, we feel it would not be the right setting for celebrating our 25th anniversary show.

The Norwich Print Fair has grown to become one of the best loved and largest independent selling shows of its kind in East Anglia.   Read more…