Tricia Newell

I studied Illustration and Graphic Design at Ipswich Art School, graduating in 1979 and I worked as a freelance illustrator of nature and children’s books for many years.
In 2014 I attended a workshop to learn woodcutting at Sudbourne Park Printmakers and this led to me becoming a member of the group. My main artistic focus is now printmaking and I am enjoying exploring all the different processes.
I am inspired by the life around me and try to find different ways to express it. Even though I am not religious, I like to think there is a sense of spirituality to my work. Woodcuts enable me to work on a larger scale and I enjoy the feel of cutting into the wood.
Etchings help to feed my obsession with detail!
I don’t know where my journey with printmaking is taking me; I am just the passenger.

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