Rob Barnes

I trained as a painter-printmaker at Hull College of Art and Design in the 1960s. After a career teaching printmaking, first at Keswick Hall College, Norwich, then at The University of East Anglia, I now have my own studio.
My prints are linocuts. I have returned to lino cutting as I enjoy the strongly physical process of cutting and hand-inking. These linocuts are printed on an Albion Press which was made in 2013 by Harry Rochat and is based on a press of 1854 by Ullmer. It has all the decorative features of an old design, but with a modern accurate casting.
My work is almost always about light, shape and shadow within landscapes and seascapes. I am particularly inspired by Aldeburgh, Snape and parts of North Norfolk. I like nothing better than to let ideas grow as I find shapes and colours in the landscape. My recent linocuts are inspired by wildlife where I presently live, old boats and the debris surrounding them. Linocuts are usually printed in three layers, the first two of these using blended colours.

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