Maria Pavledis

I am exploring the ways in which people process events and experiences through personal narratives or stories.  These connect with oral traditions of folk and fairy tale, articulating often  complex stories through a narrative symbolism of animals and natural forms.

In particular I use the relationship between humans and animals as a way of exploring the concept of projection onto ‘other’.  I use both etching and monoprinting.  Drawing is central to the work and I work with an expressive vocabulary of marks to communicate an emotional and psychological experience.  I give attention to accidental and destructive marks, such as stains, drips and burns   Paper is a metaphor for skin, relating to sensitivity and receptivity and the potential for understanding of the senses.

In addition to more conventional printmaking I use installation and smoke drawing to explore these themes.   I completed an MA in printmaking at Camberwell in 2012, am a member of LOOP Printmakers ,and have exhibited widely, most recently with Norfolk by Design at Houghton Hall.

Contact Details

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