Louise Bird

I have always looked towards natural history for inspiration. During my degree course in Fine Art Printmaking, I became fascinated by bees and my interest has continued until this day. I get great satisfaction knowing that my artwork is helping spread awareness that bees are under threat from loss of habitat, as a result of modern farming methods and the decline of wild areas. Currently my subjects have broadened to include other insects and birds.
I enjoy using a variety of print techniques, most notably mezzotint, which involves a great deal of time and patience. I have always discovering new ways of combining techniques and I often layer prints as a way to create depth in an image. I enjoy Collagraph and Monoprint in conjunction with mezzotint and often include painting and drawing to create unique results.
I have been a practicing printmaker working from my studio in Norfolk for over 20 years. I have exhibited widely, my work being seen at ‘The Society of Wildlife Artists annual show, London, The Royal College of Art, London, and the Affordable Art Fair, New York, to name a few. I am proud to be involved with ‘The Norwich Print Fair’ since its first show in 1995 and have also organised and curated ‘Print Fair Elements’ at The Forum, Norwich, both these events dedicated to promoting printmaking in Norfolk and Suffolk.

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Website: http://www.louisebird.co.uk