Liz Taunt

I returned to printmaking in 2016 after working with textiles and papier mache for some time.

My father, a mathematician, grappled with purely abstract concepts. In my prints I attempt to construct their visual counterparts, which are inevitably a little less precise. They are made by playing with the conventional elements of abstraction: colour, tone, texture, line and form. I aim to create work that is mysterious and subtle but also playful.  (Occasionally the results are not entirely abstract).

Since getting my own press last year I have been experimenting with relief,  collagraph and drypoint as well as continuing to make mono prints.

I was born and brought up in Cambridge and studied art in Cambridge, Devon and London. I have been exhibiting since 1983. I have work in public and private collections in the UK, Europe and Russia. I have been employed as an arts administrator and an art therapist, among other things, and I moved with my partner from London to Bungay on 31 August 2012 (a red letter day).


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