Lauren Brunt

My creative practice uncovers and captures the detail hidden in English Civil War locations through screen-prints, showing the landscapes palimpsest, and revealing the disappearing past held within the land. As a life-long historical re-enactor, historical research has been central to my practice, with an investigation of the way in which my involvement in the Sealed Knot Society has influenced the way I understand the past and present.

Recently my work has moved to looking at the detail within elements of landscapes and gardens which I have been recreating through mono-printing along with my main specialism in screen-printing. Now living on the border of Norfolk and Suffolk within the Somerleyton Estate many of my works are focused on the House and Gardens of Somerleyton. Although this new topic may seem distant from my interest in the English Civil War, the Estate of Somerleyton possesses connections with Oliver Cromwell of the Parliamentarian Army, holding interest for me to research into.

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