Laura White

I am a Norwich based printmaker and a Fine Art graduate from the Norwich University College of the Arts, 2010. I specialise in etching and mezzotint but since my degree have started to develop my work to combine new methods such as woodcut and linocut.
Most of my prints are based on familiar childhood themes, though are intended to trigger nostalgia in an adult audience. I like to layer my prints in different stages to create a sense of space, which is another ongoing theme within my work. This is intended to engage the viewer’s imagination and make them think beyond the image itself.
My enthusiasm for printmaking has grown since leaving university and especially since taking part in the Norwich Print Fair 2011. I aim to develop my skills and techniques in order to progress with my work and take part in other exhibitions and events. I value the opportunity to meet other printmakers and discuss different methods and hope to make a continued contribution to the printmaking community

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