Kirsten Bomblies

I am a scientist – specifically a plant evolutionary geneticist – working at the John Innes Centre. Thus art is a hobby for me, but it is one that I love and thrive from. I have always loved drawing and illustration, but I started etching in July 2017. This has opened a whole new world for me. It allows me to transfer my images to paper in new and different ways, and allows more room to “play” in the studio with colors, amount of ink, etc… I primarily do etching, which I have fallen head over heals for, but I also enjoy woodcutting and monoprinting. Currently, I enjoy creating images where scale is “off” and that places humans in juxtaposition with the animals we share our planet with. Each image is intended to highlight an interaction and potential tension. In all cases, I seek to celebrate the wonder of animals, and our potential to relate to them. Etching brings me joy and I look forward each week to my time in the studio. I do most of my printing at Print to the People in Norwich.

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