Julie Graham

I graduated in Graphic Design from Colchester School of Art and Design in 2012, where I developed a particular interest in printmaking. For the past five years, I have been developing my personal screen printing project ‘Little Fox Press’, whilst also working as a freelance Graphic Designer.

Now living and working in Suffolk, the inspiration for my work comes from my surrounding countryside, where just the briefest glimpse of an animal or bird becomes the motivating force behind one of my designs. Just as the reclaimed materials I find while scouring car boot sales and second-hand stalls, influence the overall outcome of my prints, the beauty of these materials I marry with my wildlife subjects.

The process of screen printing is essential to my practice, printing by hand and building layer upon layer of colour I find magical, with its wonderful little imperfections, which I like to embrace along with the texture of the recycled cotton rag paper which I use.

These small details complete the aesthetics of my work, capturing the character of my subjects, telling the story of my craft and those little imperfections, which are as important to me, as the wildlife that inspires me.

Contact Details

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Website: http://www.littlefoxpress.co.uk