Jo Stafford

Since graduating with a degree in Illustration a fair few years ago now, I have spent my time since doing just that with a bit of design work, printmaking and workshop teaching thrown in for good measure.
My work in general varies enormously in subject matter, technique and materials used, however my focus is always on experimentation and exploration of surfaces and texture.
I find myself drawn to things that have a graphic quality to them which I feel is reflected in my work. I collect all sorts of ephemera, which I hoard at my studio and use as a starting point for most of my pieces.
Although having used collagraphs and etching in the past, my recent work has mainly revolved around screen printing as I have been involved in setting up Print To The People; a printmaking facility situated in Norwich. This has been quite challenging at times but also immensely rewarding. Having a space dedicated to printmaking and seeing all the different work produced there has been really inspirational.

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