Jayne McConnell

My Practice explores the relationship between, and in particular, clothing with a collective conscience, formed by social histories and personal attachment. The touch, look and feel of material is familiar to us all, and on our first entrance to the world we are wrapped and cushioned from our environment, usually in some form of textile. These early feelings of security and protection stay with us, as we make identity choices about our connection with others and ourselves.

Through the medium of printmaking, my work investigates the potential of clothing to act as a carrier of memories. Notions of the heirloom, as objects passed down to future generations, forms a central part of this this investigation, alongside the re-examination of lost skill and material embellishment. The process of etching clothing provides a method of archiving these inherent qualities, instilling feelings of quietness, sadness and a sense of longing. These garments become printed artefacts or specimens laid bare for deeper inspection, like X-rays into lives lived

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