Jane Kemp

I originally studied textile design and worked in a design studio producing surface pattern designs for the fashion industry in London. Since then I moved to North Norfolk and after a time caring for my children studied illustration at NUA graduating in 2014, specializing in printmaking especially lino cut.
My inspiration comes from history especially early woodcut illustrations and medieval illuminations. Norwich is a great source of museums and I often use them as a starting point in my work.
As a member of the John Jarrold Printing Museum I am learning the art of typesetting in the traditional way by the ex- printers that volunteer every Wednesday at the museum. Surrounded by the vast collection of wooden and metal type I have been able to explore letterpress and this has fuelled my interest in typography which is often a feature of my work.
Most of my lino prints are printed onto Rosaspina, a cotton rag printmaking paper, and are small enough to be printed on a small nipping press, usually associated with book binders, whilst the larger prints are produced by burnishing the back of the paper using a smooth wooden baren.

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