Helen Maxfield

I create limited edition handmade linocuts from my studio at the end of my garden. My designs evolve from observational drawings and photographs from my trips out in the countryside and coastline of East Anglia.  Generally, they will be quite rural – either woodland, coastal scenes, rivers, streams, country lanes or paths alongside fields. I try to include some life too – wildlife, birds and people. I go out sketching most weeks which gives me a ready bank of ideas for prints.  I look for scenes that have compositions that appeal to me, but also for textures in the landscape and I enjoy devising ways to render them through linocut.

 I use the ‘reduction method’ where one piece of lino is used for the entire print and the picture is built up through layers of ink, with more lino being carved away between each layer. 

 I make images that celebrate both the beauty of the place and also the natural qualities of linocut.

Contact Details

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Website: http://www.helenmaxfield.com