Elaine Nason

My interest in printmaking began when I was studying at Colchester School of Art under the tutelage of John O’Conner the principal who was himself a well known wood engraver. There I was introduced to the techniques of wood engraving and lino cutting. The latter appealed to me though John O’Conner was rather dismissive saying it was a bit like cutting into a cheese.
After Art School came years of infant teaching and it has only been in the last 20 years that my interest in printmaking revived. Now it centres on lino cutting and monoprinting with a little etching.
The directness of lino printing is what appeals to me. I like being able to make a strong print just using one block and also enjoy the challenge of working with several. Monoprinting I find a very free process and enjoy the accidental effects and surprises that often occur.
I am also a painter and my printmaking is linked closely to my main themes which are concerned with the everyday and commonplace, the human figure and still life. Composition and drawing are important considerations also.

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Website: http://www.elaine-nason.co.uk