Diana Ashdown

I began my artistic career in the mid 1970’s studying Art and Design at Amersham College of Art and in 2013 successfully completing an M.A in printmaking at Ruskin College Cambridge.

I am primarily a printmaker experimenting and devising different print techniques with lino, exploring texture by etching with caustic soda, using electric hand tools, cutting lines to create intricate patterns a little like textiles. With some prints I push ink into the grooves, (intaglio) or I roll ink on top (relief) and some I use both these techniques. I create observed and imagined images, my work is figurative but not realistic. My subject matter reflects an interest in the patterns and shapes I find in nature, landscape, horticulture, garden and architecture.

Colour is as important to me as line and texture.
I aim for images that are uplifting and intriguing and I am giving myself licence to be more playful in my current work.

I have prints published in the Alan Marshalls ‘Printmakers Cat’ book and The Little Chicken book.

My lino prints are original hand printed artist’s prints; I design, cut and print them in my studio on a Rochat etching press.

Contact Details

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Website: http://dianaashdownprintmaker.blogspot.co.uk/