Colin Johnson

I am an artist living in North Norfolk. I graduated in Fine Art at Norwich University College of the Arts in 2010.

‘I walk and I collect artefacts, fragments and samples, my work is an exploration and categorization of these found pieces.’

The North Norfolk coastline is a frequent source of inspiration for my work. I am intrigued by this fragile, vulnerable, and ever changing environment. The foreshore and strandline reveal a vast amount of different materials all altered, and beautified by erosion and corrosion caused by the weather, the sea and the elements. It is these natural marks and textures on the surfaces of these found materials that I use in my printmaking. In addition to these natural etchings some pieces are subtly altered or enhanced using traditional etching processes, and the addition of extra textures.

The found materials are cut into small squares, which become my ‘printing plates’, these squares and grids feature regularly in my work, as I strive to bring conformity, order and authority to the randomness of nature. I use my printmaking as a narrative for and an archive of my artistic practice.

I prefer to print my pieces as tactile objects on layered paper, to be touched and explored. I feel that by handling these pieces, a sense of the real history and journey of the original found materials can be gained.

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