Chrissy Norman

After several years as a watercolourist, etching took over in 1999 and I have been fascinated by the medium ever since.

I work in different ways dependent upon subject matter but often find myself using a soft or hard ground drawing combined with aquatint for tone. The challenge is to decide just how much outline to include and how much of the image to leave to aquatint. Most of my work is printed using coloured inks blended on a copper or zinc plate, wiped and then passed through an etching press. Nothing is added to them afterwards.

Trees are a constant source of inspiration and I look for patterns formed by branches, twigs and shadows. I am also drawn to the Norfolk and Suffolk coastline often revisiting an area to study it in another light or season to create a different mood.

I am a member of Sudburne Park Printmakers based near Orford, Suffolk and use their workshops to make up my etching plates. Home and studio is close to the Suffolk coast.

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