Brigitte-Anne Hague

My work is an emotional response to my own life experiences – a remembered moment, an emotion or an idea – translated into the visual. Using different print processes, I work in both abstract and representational genres.
My large abstract silkscreen works are a non-ironic poetic aesthetic – an exploration of what we feel, perceive or sense. Colour, shape and mark are juxtaposed to create mood and currents of energy – inviting the viewer to a sensory response.
My mixed media representational works are an emotional response to landscape – a personal expression of the life force within, to create atmosphere, a sense of awe and wonder, or a sense of place. The finished work may suggest a detailed narrative, or simply be a point for emotional reflection.
My work is held in corporate and private collections, both here in the UK and overseas – in Australia, France, Japan, Malaysia, USA and Sweden. It is also held as part of academic collections at California State University, USA, and Asagaya College of Art & Design, Tokyo.

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