Bev Coraldean

I am an illustrator and screen printer working in Norwich, going by the name Genealityart.
I like to use a combination of architectural perspective drawings, detailed cityscapes and hand drawn type to explore my love for cities and this style often materialises in the form of screenprinted posters, comic books, murals, hand-drawn maps and illustrations for the advertising, publishing and local heritage sectors.
An initial degree in Games Art from Norwich School of Art and Design inspired me to develop new worlds and environments, but I’ve found both the hand-drawn design process and traditional method of screenprinting aid my inclination to work manually, to focus on detail and lose myself in the act of creating places from imagination and memory.
My printed pieces are based on real cities for those who like to travel and those who love the city they live in. I’m currently developing a series of screenprinted mini-comics about the expectations we put on travel, alphabet mini-prints of cities of the world and a series of Norwich Landmark prints. You can find more of my work on my portfolio site and the ‘Rooftop Print Shop’ Etsy store which is inspired by my newly acquired studio in the St. Georges Works factory area of Norwich.

Contact Details

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