Annette Kreiser

I worked as an environmental scientist and teacher before moving into printmaking in 2013. As a printmaker I am fascinated by weathered surfaces and the stories they tell of their interaction with people, landscape and the elements. I use these textured surfaces as inspiration for my collaged printing plates which are then used in an etching press to make collagraph prints. I also print directly from the eroded surfaces themselves (natural etching).

My current work includes work¬†printed from WWII aircraft aluminium. A number of these stricken aircraft ditched just off the N Norfolk coast and over the decades tides and storms have stripped these structures of their aluminium skin. ¬†The resulting fragments are marked and eroded by their years immersed in saltwater, sand and shingle. As ‘natural etchings’ they can be inked up and printed, the resulting images suggesting the intricate coastlines the aircraft once followed.


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