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Artist Statement

 The inspiration for my work comes from the natural world around me.
I am very much an Vanna Bartlett amateur   naturalist as well as an artist. In fact for me the two go hand in hand.
It is my passion for wildlife that makes me want to capture it on paper while the artist in me wants to explore the relationships between plants and animals in paint and print.
The backbone of my work is observation and field sketching – building up a mental as well as physical picture of my subject. Back in the studio, I employ sketches, memory and experience to create a composition study drawing suitable for a linocut print.
The design element is very important to me and I condense my observations into a strong composition. Working a lot in black and white means I can concentrate on the overall design rather than worrying about colour blocks and overlaps.

Touches of watercolour are often added to the black and white prints to enhance the overall finish. I also make linocuts using several blocks to print different colours and use the reduction technique – re-cutting the same block for subsequent colours. All my prints are hand burnished.

I try to capture my subjects in a lifelike manner whilst creating a strong graphic image.

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