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Artist Statement

I studied illustration and graphic design at Ipswich Art School in the seventies and spent many years working as a freelance illustrator of nature and children's books. My first introduction to printmaking was as a teenager, when I was invited to help Joe Lubbock print the etchings for his limited edition books. This led to my attending evening classes in etching at Ipswich Art School. Last Year I attended a workshop at Sudbourne Park Printmakers where I discovered a love for woodcuts. Like many artists I am inspired by the natural world, and have always been fascinated by the detail and pattern within it. I was born and raised on a market garden so have always been surrounded by plants and they usually feature in my work in one way or another. The small paintings in my book illustrations are very detailed so I am finding working on a larger scale with woodcuts exciting. I enjoy new ways of adding detail to the prints and like using watercolour to enhance some images.

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