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Artist Statement

My work has always reflected where I live, places I visit and journeys I embark upon. The texture, architecture and structures of each new environment dictate the development of my artwork. My prints are inspired by the ravages of time and tide on man-made structures; piers, bridges, abandoned gas towers, old fishing huts and boats. Each print incorporates a range of printing techniques including collagraphy, carborundum and relief printing. In addition I have included rust by inventing a process of oxidising iron filings. By doing so I have created work that physically incorporates the environment it reflects, allowing it to play a role in the art itself. I describe myself as an experimental printmaker. For me it means that I enjoy bending rules, inventing process and exploring layers of imagery. I am somewhat irreverent and always curious, always learning and always experimenting. I strive to create richly textured surfaces, to depict their essence through the abstraction of colour, shapes and typography, overlapping forms and textures. I am constantly intrigued by the concepts surrounding repeating, re-presenting and reworking of both concepts and images. The work is complete when it stops asking for more.
I enjoy sharing what I know with others and regularly teach printmaking workshops. Through my interest in enabling creativity I have recently begun training as a Creativity Coach, this is similar to life coaching, but focuses more specifically on creative work.

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