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Artist Statement

Rebecca Hearle I graduated from Norwich School of Art in 1998 with a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design (Illustration). I love all forms of printmaking and I have experimented with mezzotint, wood engraving, dry point and collographs/carborundum printmaking, but I feel most at home with linocuts.
I have always lived in the Fens and have long been convinced that it has a strange beauty. It was not until reading Graham Swift’s novel Waterland that what actually constituted that beauty was brought into sharp focus. From then on I decided to concentrate on the local landscape as the primary source for my work.
In my printmaking I attempt to capture elements of the landscape which to me are evocative of the Fens. My interest is found in the ever changing magnificent cloudscapes or the closely observed detail of the patina of structures in the landscape.
Currently I’m working with a monochromatic palette, mostly of greys, with which I seek to capture the drama of this wide open landscape.

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