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Artist Statement

Originally from Coventry I went to Coventy Art School in the early 1980's. It was there that I discovered printmaking - in particular drypoint and collagraph which helped to save my Fine Art BA degree! The printmaking department was a haven where I could produce figurative narrative work without the pressure to go abstract, make a video or build an installation. This was the 1980's after all! Thankfully public taste never abandoned the figurative - narrative and printmaking has probably never been more popular.

After art school I moved to Oxford in 1986 to join the Oxford Printmakers Coop Moving to Norfolk the year the Norwich Print Fair began (1995) I was pleased that I could take part the following year and have exhibited at the fair for many years since. It is always a pleasure with the fair run in a friendly yet professional way. Working as an artist can be a solitary experience. The fair is a chance to meet other artists and see their latest work as well as to meet the many visitors.

In March this year I was elected to membership of the Royal Society of British Artists (RBA). My portfolio for consideration by the RBA included a quantity of limited edition prints and so I am once again indebted to the printmaking process! The two techniques I now use and also teach on regular weekend art courses are collagraph and drypoint. I like them for their immediacy and simplicity as well as the line and mark making process each provides.

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