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Artist Statement

Melissa Hemmens Having moved from beneath the Heathrow flight path; from a tiny paved back yard; light polluted skies and the briefest of glimpses at a horizon from the flyover of the M4; to Suffolk; I feel that my life and therefore my art work, has changed and become much more representative of my new environment.
The concept of time slowing down, whilst people carry out their daily lives has proved a huge influence on my work. The fewer people and the slower pace, enable one to see individuals more clearly and to observe their routines. In my series of works depicting rural village life, I observed a number of people in my locale over a few months; I considered their quirks and essential characteristics and combined this with the landscape I’d seen them inhabit or that I imagined they might. This varied from person to person so for example, the old man I’d seen tending fastidiously to his allotment was, in my print of him, surrounded by fertile, bountiful beds of country show standard vegetables thus reflecting his devoted nature to the miniature square of land which he considered to be his own.


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