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Artist Statement

Mandy Walden

I have always lived, as have my family for many generations, within a few miles of the Suffolk coastline and it is the unique character and history of this area which remains a constant source of fascination and inspiration for me. I intend in my work to celebrate this landscape... not as an idealistic pretty picture in which the sky is always blue and the existence of that biting east wind is denied ...but rather to communicate an atmosphere of place and the feelings of folk-in a sense a celebration of magical ordinariness-a story to be told. It is this strong narrative element which has become a significant development in my work both in composition and reflected further in the incorporation of extended passages of text accompanying each image.

I am essentially self taught and over the years have become obsessed by the incidental and textural marks that occur in printmaking. I etch the image onto a card block with a scalpel and at times further enrich this with collaged materials. The block is then sealed, inked in one, sometimes two, colours and finally printed on a large etching press, I then hand colour each print in a variety of media. It is a lengthy and absorbing process but one that ensures each image is very much an individual piece of art.

Along side the original hand –made prints, I produce a range of art cards under the name “Mangles” that are developed from the collagraph images and serve to make my work more accessible to a wider audience. This illustrative element is a thread I am keen to develop further .My work has also appeared as the cover image on the periodical Birding World.

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