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Phone:01263 740400

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Artist Statement

My prints are produced on a hand-operated press in the garden studio and are made in small editions. I then use watercolour and sometimes gold leaf to add richness. I also paint in the same studio (when there is space among the printmaking paraphernalia!)

I like creating guardians for home or work place. I find people are pleased with the idea of a benign, protecting presence. I have been commissioned to produce 'angels' for private houses, a sheep farm, a church, a village hall and even a yacht in Greece! The Eastern Daily Press featured my 'house angel' on the cover of the 2003 Open Studios brochure.

The inspiration for my pictures comes from stories and poems, angels and lovers, mermaids and myths - though I began with angels - hence the name of 'angel art' for my website.

I have recently been enjoying working with 'creative partnerships' an organisation for promoting creativity in schools through making connections between artists and young people. I also teach printmaking and welcome commissions from anybody with an interest in my work.

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